The Sustainablist Masterclass has been created to address our material impact on the world, and how to make that impact sustainable.

Almost every occupation has a tangible impact on the environment in some form or another - so, while the course was originally written for designers and manufacturers, it's also proving useful to a much wider audience.

We've reached a time where we can no longer design, produce or consume in the way that we have in the past. It's simply not sustainable to do so. The nature of the consumer and producer is changing, and the Sustainablist Masterclass has been created to help you navigate and embrace the new sustainable paradigm we are entering, with a sound philosophical base that makes sense of creating things for the world.

The course is not about how to separate your recycling. It’s not even about recycling. It’s about a mind shift that puts sustainability at the centre of your practice.

Everything else will logically follow. We need to be aware enough not to make the same mistakes over again in new ways and we have to be careful we aren’t creating new and different problems. 

Too often sustainability is treated as an afterthought, but it can be an integral, informative and beneficial part of how we design and make things.

As a designer and founder of sustainable design initiative supercyclers, I’ve been dedicated to thinking and acting on this issue for over a decade.

Incorporating sustainability into my own problem solving process has become second nature to me, and so I've created a means to share this process; a simple set of templates, to be used as a framework to test your ideas and products on, ensuring that your creations are having a positive impact on the world.

I'm Sarah K

I'm a designer, curator, founder and creative director of sustainable design initiative supercyclers. I've been thinking and acting on sustainable outcomes in design for most of my 25 year career.

I trained as an Architect and Film maker. Alongside a range of buildings, interiors, furniture, products, and exhibitions, I've developed materials from ocean plastic waste; Marine Debris Bakelite, and textile waste; Pressing Matters.

I've created this course, which documents a philosophy of creating things for the world in a sustainable manner, so that this thinking becomes integral to the work you produce and the way you produce it.

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